How technology is changing the definition of work?

 Technology has changed the way we live or work in many ways. In the early 2000's we have seen major technological breakthroughs. Almost every person in the world is using technology and knows something about it. It has become a status symbol, especially in the elite class. The latest technology and modern gadgets define the level of your savageness. However, it shouldn't be the justification for using modern technology. Most people rely on technology because of its endless benefits.

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Everything has changed since computers launched commercially in the 1960s. The invention of word processors, spreadsheets, and the internet has made human workers' jobs easier by making data more efficient to compile, organize and manage. Likewise, artificial intelligence digital assistants will make workers’ jobs easier in the coming years. Digital assistants are now usually used for specific tasks like sending emails or booking flights, instead of skills that would have been typically reserved only for humans such as catering reports or deducing legal evidence. AI can be seen to take over these duties.

There are three industries where technology has recently paid the most meaningful claim:-

Retail: Retailers are using sensor aggregation technology to provide insights about throughput rates, and point-of-sale data for online vendors for enhanced profitability. Data processing allows retailers to defer last-mile shipping, consolidate suppliers and optimize inventory.

Advertising: Content marketers are using content management systems such as Adobe's CMSs that enable selling through various media channels such as webpages, social media profiles, mobile apps mobile sites where users read content on mobile screens.

Journalism: Information Technology has played an important role in the evolution of media and journalism. Printing, animations, newspapers, magazines and composting, etc can only be possible through modern-day technology.

Types of Technology

Here are the different types of technology:

1. Communication Technology:

Communication technology has facilitated the ways we communicate with one another. It involves the transfer of data in the form of text, audio, video, pictures, and several other files. Some examples of information technology are:

  • Television

People use televisions for communication purposes such as news, advertisements, entertainment, and many more. Most televisions use cable wires or the internet to receive signals which are then detected by televisions and display the content on screen.

  • Internet

The Internet is the most powerful and most convenient way of communication. People around the globe interact with each other through text messages along with audio and visual messages. The Internet is one of the fastest communication technologies

  • Cell Phones

Cell phones are the alternative to telephones. Through cell phones, people can communicate with each other by calling. Some cell phones can be connected to the internet which allows the users to communicate differently.

2. Electrical Technology:

Modern technology also uses electricity some examples are: 


A computer is an electronic device that can be programmed to carry out automatic sequences of arithmetic or logical operations, the sequences being known as programs. Computers are used for multiple purposes but mainly they are used to access the internet for offices, business, and educational purposes.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence or AI is the branch of computer science that deals with logical calculations that makes it seem like you’re dealing with a thinking entity. This branch of expertise has many apps, as it is also used to make decisions on behalf of humans and do so in an ethical way. For example, artificial intelligence bots can be used when you want to order clothes online by fulfilling all the specifications you have given them. They are trained through various machine learning algorithms to find out what might interest your fashion tastes and then provide suggestions that suit your needs best.


Software is a computer program or program that tells the computer what to do. You can find software on a computer like Microsoft Office (Typing, Email, Calendar), Microsoft Windows (Browse and Read Files), Google Drive (Word Processor, Spreadsheet), and many more.

3. Medical Technology:

Medical technology has changed the way doctors are treating patients, reshaping the quality of life people around the world live. Medical technologies work hand in hand with researchers. Apart from procedural tools, medical technologies help short lives by analyzing data and tracks about human behavior and health. Devices such as CT scanners, MRI scanners, and X-ray machines are all examples of medical technologies created to provide help so that research can be done.

4. Transportation Technology:

Transportation technologies have evolved a lot in recent years. A few examples of transportation technology are:

GPS: Gps or Global Positioning system is a system that uses satellites and other technologies to show the exact location of any object on Earth or in the sky. A GPS receiver calculates its position by picking up signals from at least four satellites, making a rough estimate of its position, and then sending this information to a central computer. The computer compares the information from several receivers and puts together an accurate picture of where all the receivers are.

Vehicles: Vehicle technology has improved the way engines are more fuel efficient and faster. Moreover, safety features such as airbags have also been improved in the last decade. Entertainment options are also now available making traveling more easier and comfortable.


With more advancement in technology the living luxury is increasing, average human life is increased, modes of faster communication and traveling are availably morphing the world into a global village, but with the pros do comes the cons life has changed totally in the last 2 decades a person now has to work twice as harder than his grandfather in the 20th century. Increasing demand has caused excessive competition which has pushed the stakeholders to provide a better buying option, which lowers this burden on their working staff. Work-life balance is greatly affected, and stress count has increased among employees. Technology does bring value to our lives but without proper regulations, its long-term effects will be devastating.
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