Importance of technology in our daily life

What  technology is?  Most people will say mobiles, laptops, software, etc.

But technology is something far from these things. Everything is termed as technology that helps you fill the gap between generations and provide you with tools for faster communication. It is human knowledge that includes tools and systems.

From teaching to medicine, business to travel. Technology has changed  the world.

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Why do we need technology?

Technology has made our life easier and more modern with great inventions. With the help of it, we cover the distances of days in hours with the transport system. And the productivity rate is increasing day by day.

Technology made our communication, transportation, and  networking very efficient and hustle-free. It can help you to perform multiple tasks at the same time. It has sometimes positive and sometimes negative effects on daily routine. The good thing is that it helps in study, working, cleaning, and saving time. but at the same time, people have forgotten the values of things. It can make people lazy and less active. Besides that, some life-changing technologies are a need of life. 

If you are a tech lover, you are just at the right place. Here in this article, I will give you some information about the latest technology. And how we can take benefit from it.

The television

Before TV there was a huge trend of going to the theatre. But with the invention of tv, the scope of theatre has become very low. People can enjoy it at home. First TV was black and white then it was replaced with color screens. Then the plasma tv was discovered and now it is replaced with a big Lcd with more advanced features.

LCDs and LEDs are now the number one choice when people want entertainment at home. Tech has replaced all the old versions of you with the new ones.

Wireless electricity

People's lives are now totally dependent on tech. from mobile phone devices to laptops, they need electricity to charge. The idea of transferring electricity is generated by connecting devices to wires with the use of magnetic fields.

An experiment was taken by placing two copper wires. One was connected to the bulb and the other to the AC supply. When they supplied power to one foil, it light up the bulb. The experiment was successful and the power to the device that is closer to the power supply can be done.

 Automobiles and Vehicles

What do you think of automobiles, are they beneficial or not?

Yes, it is beneficial in many aspects. It improved our living standards and made it easy to carry luggage from one place to another. It has become a necessity of life. Though it is costly for some people scientists and researchers are working on cost-efficient and fuel-friendly vehicles.

Tech and medicine

In medicine, tech has huge advancements. There was a time when diseases were fatal and cureless. Now every disease can be curable if diagnosed on time. Better equipment and facilities are available to make life easy. 

Life is better with technology. Even the most dangerous disease cancer can be curable. The future of medicine is saved with the help of technology. Even pesticides to kill insects in fields are available. Better crops healthy life.

Are humans the puppet in the hand of tech?

People are supposed to be inclined as Human Puppets (in the Cell Phone  Society) as they use cell phones as an extension of their arms. People have been tied to the invisible strings of Technology, tethered to notifications, chimes, and bells.

Our minds have shifted from the immediate to virtual reality, and our attention span is incapable of focusing without using Tech.


Technology has become a necessity for everyone by playing a vital role in each and every department of the world. Furthermore, Blockchain technology will make it possible for users to communicate directly with one another like happening now using Hologram technology. 

User data will be stored in the decentralized network and all transactions will be tracked on a distributed ledger unescorted by the worry of losing their confidential information. 

No human can survive without it. It’s a need not a luxury.
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